UHC Forward consolidates information from hundreds of sources into a one-stop portal. We hope that the information provided will help visitors to stay informed of health coverage efforts in countries around the world, better understand how to translate available research into pragmatic action, apply an analytic eye to reform experiences, exchange ideas with others, and find links to additional resources.

Our History

Universal health coverage (UHC) – or fairer, more efficient health financing that pools risk and shares healthcare costs equitably across the population – is about improving access to health services and reducing poverty from catastrophic healthcare expenditure. UHC reforms can improve health and financial protection of people around the world, especially poor and vulnerable populations.

Momentum towards UHC has resulted in a growing global community of policymakers, practitioners, researchers and other international development partners who promote and support UHC. UHC Forward is a comprehensive platform that aggregates information about UHC to accelerate implementation of reforms globally, especially in low- and middle-income countries.