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2010 World Health Report: Health Systems Financing, the Path to Universal Coverage The principal writers of the report were David B Evans, Riku Elovainio and Gary Humphreys; with inputs from Daniel Chisholm, Joseph Kutzin, Sarah Russell, Priyanka Saksena and Ke Xu. 2010
Health Systems Financing and the Path to Universal Coverage David Evans, Carissa Etienne October 2010
World Health Assembly Resolution 58.33: Sustainable health financing, universal coverage and social health insurance World Health Assembly May 2011
Sustainable health financing, universal coverage and social health insurance: Report by the Secretariat World Health Organization Secretariat April 2005
Exploring the thresholds of health expenditure for protection against financial risk: World Health Report (2010) Background Paper, No 19 Ke Xu, Priyanka Saksena, Matthew Jowett, Chandika Indikadahena, Joe Kutzin and David B. Evans 2010
Strengthening health systems to improve outcomes: WHO's framework for action The World Health Organization 2007
Beyond fragmentation and towards universal coverage: insights from Ghana, South Africa and the United Republic of Tanzania Diane McIntyre, Bertha Garshong, Gemini Mtei, Filip Meheus, Michael Thiede, James Akazili, Mariam Ally, Moses Aikins, Jo-Ann Mulligan & Jane Goudge 2008
Achieving Universal Health Coverage: Developing the Health Financing System World Health Organization 2002
Implementing health financing reform: Lessons from countries in transition Edited by Joseph Kutzin, Cheryl Cashin and Melitta Jakab 2010
Social Health Insurance: A Guidebook for Planning Charles Normand, Axel Weber 1994
The role of institutional design and organizational practice for health financing performance and universal coverage Inke Mathauer and Guy Carrin. Department of Health Systems Financing 2010

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