Blog Post Submissions

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the UHC Forward blog. Please review the guidelines for submissions below:

  • Keep length of posts between 700-800 words.

  • Include links to sites or articles that supplement your topic.

  • When quoting other blogs or publications in your post, please link to the original material if possible, and denote quoted material using quotation marks.

  • Submit a brief biography (2-3 lines) and a photo for inclusion with your post.

  • We appreciate suggestions for images to accompany posts. If you have photos available for publication, please submit them along with your post and include caption and attribution information.

  • If you don’t have images available, we will add one from our own photo stocks or from publicly available resources.

  • We encourage you to email your post to colleagues and friends to encourage comment and discussion.

  • Publication of posts is at the discretion of UHC Forward, based on relevance of the subject matter. If you have questions about your subject matter, please include them in your inquiry.

All submissions should be emailed to Nkem Wellington at [email protected]. Thank you again for your interest in contributing!