Globally, countries are expanding access to health services and providing protection from the devastating financial consequences of illness by providing their citizens access to prepaid risk pooled national health insurance schemes. While the strategies, policies and technologies used to support these national health insurance schemes are as varied as the countries implementing them. Below are a few UHC-related resources:

  • Equitable Health Financing Tool: The Equitable Health Financing tool allows users to navigate the evidence on different health financing methods in low- and middle- income countries

  • openHDD: openHDD is an open-source solution to creating and sharing (health) data dictionaries, or minimum data sets. Unique in its kind is the completely flexibility with regard to taxonomies. Whatever data or structure you want defined, openHDD can help you document it.

  • OASIS (Institutional and Organizational ASsessment for Improving and Strengthening Health Financing): OASIS is an analytical approach that can be used to assess a country's current health financing situation and the way it functions and performs.

We would like to continue building this list. If you have a tool that you would like to share, please email us at [email protected].